Carmen Honeycutt-Smith



Spellbound is an independently woman-owned and operated small business located in the heart of Waldorf, Maryland. We are dedicated to providing high quality metaphysical products for the mind, body and spirit.

Ever since I was a little girl I was drawn to nature and all living things. The happiest times I can remember as a little girl were helping my granny in the her vegetable garden and learning about nature. It was a truly magical time in my life. I believe there is magic all around us if we just stop and take the time to see it. Possibly even harness it.

Regardless of what religion or belief system you have, we are all connected in this universe. It is my personal belief and mission to respect and honor other’s individuality and spiritual beliefs. Some items we offer at Spellbound are considered spiritual by many different spiritual paths including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Native American belief, and more. It is not weird, or scary. Metaphysical simply means of or related to something that cannot be perceived by the physical senses. It is through this universal connection and a personal dream of mine “Spellbound”was born.

There is something special for everyone at Spellbound. A place you can find that perfect gift, healing crystal, herbal remedy, relaxing organic tea, interesting book, or amazingly scented essential oil.

Welcome and Blessed Be!

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